Information and Research on Medicinal Uses of Cannabis






The prohibition of cannabis has caused a massive delay in research and study of this natural medicine.  Only recently has there been enough acceptance of the benefits of cannabis to allow for legitimate, scientific-based testing to move forward. While we are far from understanding cannabis as a medicine completely, progress is being made. This page will provide a number of links to recent studies demonstrating the positive benefits of choosing cannabis as part of your health care.

At the same time, more information about the dangers of many prescription drugs is being released. Prescription drugs not only cause multiple side effects, many of which are horrendous, but are rapidly becoming the street drug of choice of far too many people. Please visit our links below presenting this information.

Choosing to use cannabis as a medicine is a decision which must be weighed carefully. Patients who have used cannabis can attest to its benefits, which include providing them with an improved quality of life, reducing their dependence on prescription drugs, achieving pain relief that prescription drugs were unable to provide, allowing them more control over their medication in terms of dosage, means of administering the medicine, reduction in medicine costs, etc.

On the other side, there is the lingering stereotype of the "pothead" which still needs to be overcome. Many people are still stuck in a "reefer madness" mind set which will not accept the possibility that cannabis is legitimate medicine. Many fear rejection from their friends and family for choosing cannabis.

There is also the fact that cannabis is illegal at the Federal level, and law enforcement at every level still views cannabis as something that is criminal. Until this attitude is overturned, cannabis patients will face legal issues that simply do not exist for patients who use other medications.  (When was the last time that you heard of an insulin-dependent diabetic being charged with "drug paraphernalia" as a result of needing syringes to manage his disease?)

The ability to choose cannabis is still greatly limited.  But it is growing. 23 states and the District of Columbia now allow for some sort of medical cannabis. Here in Oregon, we are fortunate that the voters saw the benefits of medical cannabis back in 1998, and passed the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act. Read through the articles linked below, and see for yourself if medical cannabis might provide you with better health, better pain relief, and an overall improved quality of life.